The Amazing Unique Benefits Of Onion

The onion is the amazing flavor veggie added in any meal but is also a medicine for many issues. It cures nausea, vomiting and is antibiotic too for the immunity with no side effects.  The onion is of the allium family and has Sulphur which is the antiseptic agent. Also it has quercetin antioxidant for no free radicals.

The onion juice is an expectorant and helps in breathing issues but also keeps heart healthy, cures arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes and was used centuries back. Here are the benefits:

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Chest congestion– crush one onion and add coconut oil, apply this on chest and cover with a shirt. Keep this for the night.

Colic– boil onion in water, let this cool and strain it. Add 1 tsp for colic babies. This is a famous Cherokee cure.

Ear infections and pain– chop an onion, place it in a sock, put this on the ear and feel no pain.

Cuts– onion film on the skin stops bleeding and cleans the cut

Cough– peel an onion, slice in half and put 1 tbsp brown sugar over this. This sits in bowl for 60 min and consume it 2 times daily.

Fever– slice an onion in circles and rub the feet with coconut. Then place slice onion and wrap this with plastic foil. Use socks and wear this for the night. You will detox amazingly.

Clean air– place onion slices around the house. This will make bacteria free air and clean air

Vomiting-get a yellow onion, grate it, get the juice and brew some mint tea. Let this cool and have 2 tbsp of the juice after 5 min and have mint tea after 5 min again. Wait 5 min and again drink some tea. Repeat until needed.


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The juice repels insects

Rub the juice on the hair and make it grow more

Spray the juice on plants to repel bugs

Get onion and slice it, then polish the copper and glassware

With half onion rub the iron to prevent rust

Cut an onion and put this on freckle skin

Native Americans knew all the onion uses and used this even for flu, cold and illnesses. Onion now is famous due to WHO organization and they said this cures bronchitis, cough, congestion, breathing issues.

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