Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately

If you want to protect your children and prevent them getting ill, the first thing you should to is to listen doctors advises and  stop giving them hot dogs. Hot dogs are very popular all over the world and they are always present in our meals.

According to the statistisc, near 155 million hot dogs are consumed by the Americans on the 4th of July every year. This is alarming.

Recent research showed that the kids who eat more than a dozen hot dogs monthly, are 9 times more likely to get leukemia. This is just one reason among all others why doctors firmly recommend parents to stop giving their children hot dogs.

Children can be affected by hot dogs even when they are not even born. For instance, if a pregnant woman consumes more than 1 hot dog a week, there is a greater risk that her child will have brain tumor. Moreover, if the father has consumed hot dogs on a regular basis before conceiving, his child is more likely to get a cancer.

Nitrite additives are the reason why all this can happen to a child or even to a grown person as well. Nitrite additives are added to hot dogs in order to prevent botulism.

The amines in the meat get combined with the nitrates through the cooking process of hot dog, and create the N-nitroso, which is an extremely dangerous carcinogenic compound.

As you can realise, hot dogs are extremely dangerous when consumed in large quantities, so in order to prevent any kind of disease, limit the portions or try to consume only nitrite-free meats.