The Five Minute Tartar Remedy

Anyone would love to put on their best smiles. Smiling has been one of the best positive gestures when it comes to socializing and self mood. It makes you look friendly, approachable, young, and attractive. However, not everyone have the confidence to smile, especially when there are tartar on their teeth. What is tartar? Tartar is what happens when you... Read more


We all have dry patches in our skin, especially when the season is dry and cold. We tend to not pay that much attention to this problem. However, dry skin patches on our face ruin your complexion. Without makeup, dry patches tend to be invisible. When makeup is applied, you’ll easily notice... Read more

Get Pregnant Easy With Foods, Tips And Positions

Many women want to get pregnant but cannot. Use the tips below. Diet and nutrients– our reproduction system is ready for a baby with good diet. Alkaline foods are a must. They increase fertility so have peas, beans, sprouts, milk. If you like acidic foods, increase uterus acidity and cervical... Read more